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#meetthemama- Bec Baillie

#meetthemama- Bec Baillie

Bec Baillie

Waiheke Island



Tell me about your family and where you are based 

I’m Bec and my husband is Chris, we have 3 kids Braxton 6,  Blake 4 and Bella 22 months we have just recently moved back to my home town Waiheke Island and I’m so excited to start our lives here again with the kids! They are going to love it so much! 

What is a typical day like in your house?

Chaotic and fun haha with 3 at home all day every day it definitely gets a bit crazy at times! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Braxton has just started school this term so that’s a big change for us all.


What's your best childhood memory?

Ooh so many but a favourite I think it would have to be playing and exploring with friends in the bush around our home and pretending we could see fairies haha 


What was the first year of motherhood like for you?

It was amazing! I always wanted to be a mama so it was a dream come true! My eldest was such a sweet baby he was just so calm and so cute 


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given to arm you as you navigate motherhood or that you can pass on?

I think to just go with the flow! And not be too stuck on having routine! Kids are forever changing, I think that’s helped a lot just rolling with it.


What’s one thing as a mum you cannot live without?

Baby wipes hahaha I would be lost without them. And snacks I swear my kids never stop snacking haha  


What was the hardest thing about becoming a mum?

Honestly nothing, I was born to be a mama, not saying peeing alone or having a moment to myself isn’t taken for granted. 


How do you take time out for yourself without children? 

Hahaha is this a trick question 🤪 but no seriously I don’t get any time without them but a tv babysitter is my saviour if I need to get some things done around the house 



What is it you wanted to portray in your Instagram feed? Or wanted to share with others?

Instagram is my creative outlet! As a SAHM (Stay at home Mum) it can be a bit isolating at times so being able to connect with others has been a godsend! I’ve made some incredible friendships and met so many beautiful people! I love showing my love of fashion/home style and my stories are always my day to day craziness and my mini tornadoes haha 


 What do you love about the FBK products?

Your products are so beautiful! I’m big on quality and you never disappoint.