About us

We’re Grant, Georgia and Liv, a dad and daughter trio and the family behind this New Zealand-based family business.  It’s not just us in this endeavour though as we’re constantly surrounded by three little ones; Liv’s sweet and sassy twinnies, Brynn (older by a very important 3 minutes) and Harlow, and the youngest and most chaotic, Georgia’s little man Jordy.
We took over Funny Bunny Kids at the start of 2024, excited at the prospect of expanding a well-known and loved brand, delivering high-quality, luxury products for our littlest people, from newborns through to early school aged children. 
Our products are based around milestones, celebrations and safe exploration for little minds and hands.  And because we know that everyone’s different, we also produce customised pieces, letting you add a personal touch to your FBK experience. 
We didn’t start Funny Bunny Kids.  FBK was launched in 2018 by Sara Jamieson as a baby brand selling New Zealand-made products online and through local stores.  In late 2023, Sara advertised that she was looking for new owners to take on her beloved brand.  At the same time, we were looking for a venture to do together, as a family, and all the pieces just fell into place.
So that led us to where we are today, growing this wonderful brand with a real commitment to a personal level of service, focused on ensuring that your experience with the Funny Bunny Kids brand is overwhelmingly positive.
As a family, we’ve always believed in the importance of never letting achievements and occasions go unnoticed, and giving everyone an opportunity to feel special, important and unique.  Because this is important to us, we promise to put all the care and attention in the world into making sure that the personalised and beautiful gifts and mementos we create are just what you need to celebrate your special events.
We know that there’s magic in giving, in celebrating and in watching our little people experience the joy of discovery. 
From our family to yours, we promise to keep the magic alive for as long as we can.
FBK Fam x