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#meetthemama- The mini smiths

#meetthemama- The mini smiths

Grace Jowett

Tell me about your family and where you are based

Tell me about your family and where you are based

Our family is Grace, Jake our children Remi and Brea. We also have a dog Gus and three chickens Henny, Lenny & Penny


What is a typical day like in your house?

Preschool drop off for Brea in the morning most days then I get to hang out with Remi for the day. We usually hit the op shops then head home to clean and prep dinner. 


What was the first year of motherhood like for you?

Definitely spent the first year navigating - I look back now and laugh! I think you definitely change a lot in that first year. 


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given to arm you as you navigate motherhood or that you can pass on?

Mum’s always know best, trust your gut. Basically follow your instincts! 


What’s one thing as a mum you cannot live without?

Nap times! 😂 without any naps you’d really never get a break! 


What was the hardest thing about becoming a mum?

Definitely lack of sleep! That’s a major struggle nothing can prepare you for.


How do you take time out for yourself without children?

A sneaky trip to the op shops child free is always enjoyed 😂


What is it you wanted to portray in your Instagram feed? Or wanted to share with others?

Definitely passionate about my love for op shopping/buying second hand. I enjoy sharing that and love encouraging others to do the same