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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I’m Sara… nearly 40 aghhh! What a scary and reflective time. I have a toddler, 2 horses, working for my husband, teaching part-time, building Funny Bunny Kids, a wedding signage business Grace + Co, rebuilding my mental health post ivf and post- natal depletion; oh and I have a husband who puts up with my crazy ideas, long work hours and juggling the spinning plates. 

I am constantly trying to feed a fussy toddler, remain present and intentional when I’m with Poppie and keep my sanity as a woman who has her own thing happening. I read blogs and listen to podcasts to try and be a better parent but I also lose my shit too. 

I wish some nights my child would just go to bed but afterwards I go into her room and sit and look at her. 

Having Poppie was the best thing that happened to me but at the same time my world was turned upside down. All of a sudden my career teaching was over, we moved countries and brought a new house and some land and I was now sitting at home surrounded by new people with a baby while my husband was at work. Oh that was a bit much at once maybe in hindsight, hahah

I started feeling guilty, fearful and anxious. I didn’t want to go out socially or do anything new. Plus, how do you now fit in all that stuff from your old life into your new life. It was like something had died inside. I wasn’t fulfilled, I was insecure and I didn’t feel like me anymore. Who was I now I’d had a child?

I thought I might make some products for Poppie and wham Funny Bunny Kids (FBK) was born.

From the dining room table to the spare room to a newly built studio on our rural property in South Canterbury; I now supply nearly 150 stockists throughout NZ and Australia. I am proud to employ 3 staff all mama’s too, to help me ‘keep the wheels turning.’ 2 friends and 2 family members which makes this small NZ business remain just that NZ made and small.

I want to create and make beautiful products that you can trust are safe, as well as being NZ made for tiny hands and growing minds.

I want to normalise the real motherhood, share the bad, crazy and ugly and funny and empower other mums. I’ll try to educate you while I educate myself in all things empowering, mindful, conscious and supportive.


xx Sara